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The non-profit Electric Blanket Institute™ presents a professional scientific review of WestPoint Stevens heated electric mattress pads, sold under the brand names RestWarmer and SleepWarmer. This evaluation applies to both those brands since they are similar.

WestPoint Today

WestPoint Stevens is the oldest and largest American manufacturer of bed and bath textile products. They have been in the heated mattress pad market for many years and although their controllers are made in China, the pads themselves are Made in America. Most are made of polyester felt but a few have a cotton top and include lots of polyester fill for comfort. Their cotton top filled ones are very hard to find so we concentrate on the more available felt ones in our review.

SleepWarmer RestWarmer Heated Mattress Pad Review


  • Like all warming mattress pads, these can save you a ton of money on your home heating costs.
  • These pads are machine washable and partially machine dryable.
  • The company states that their pad’s EcoPureTM polyester felt fabric is made from recycled bottles thereby reducing the burden on the earth’s natural resources.
  • Their heating wire is small and flexible and held securely in place.Restwarmer Pad Wiring Extra Heat at Foot End
  • The bottom half of these pads is warmer than the top half which is quite nice for those with feet colder tjan upper body. This extra warmth is cleverly accomplished by doubling up on the heating wires in the lower half of the pad. Note: this photo shows the underneath of the pad for clarity.
  • These controllers are simple and easy to use. They feature a 10 hour auto-shutoff.
  • The Queen, King and California King sizes feature Dual Controls for the individualized comfort of each user.
  • The Queen Dual Controls utilize one single connector at the foot of the pad which allows for the use of only one wall outlet for the plug.Restwarmer-Mattress-Pad -Connector-on-Skirt
  • The King and CalKing sizes utilize two connectors at the foot of the pad which helps keep the controllers aligned with the proper side of the pad.
  • The connectors on all the sizes are located on the skirt off the sleeping surface for greater comfort.
  • These pads are all UL listed.


  • The felt fabric pad has no fill on top of the heater wires.
  • The warmer bottom part is not separately controlled so users without cold feet may not like the additional heat there.Restwarmer-5-heat-level-Controller
  • The Queen Dual Controls use only one connector which can lead to controller mixup (User A mistakenly can control User B’s heat level.)
  • The King and CalKing controllers will require 2 wall outlets for their plugs.
  • The controllers have only 5 discrete heat levels. We don’t think that 5 is enough to adjust your heat comfort properly.


WestPoint’s RestWarmer and SleepWarmer heated mattress pads should be considered a good value for warmth, health benefits, safety and energy savings.

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Choosing the Best Electric Bedding For YOU

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