What are Heated Electric Mattress Pads?

Many people have told us that they have never even heard of an electric mattress pad (more commonly referred to in the USA as a heated mattress pad or a warming mattress pad). Heated electric blankets outsell electric mattress pads around 4:1 in the USA. Sales in Europe are reversed, i.e. warming mattress pads outsell warming blankets by 4:1.

Heated mattress pads are a most excellent alternative to heated blankets:

  • Since the pad is located under the bottom sheet, it provides protection for the mattress and allows the user to decorate the top of their bed with whatever kind and color of bedding they wish – quilt, comforter, fancy blanket, etc.
  • The pad is held flat in position by its skirt or sometimes by corner bands. Therefore in normal use, it cannot be bunched up into a ball, which is a major cause of many electric blanket safety and durability problems.
  • The warming mattress pad's direct penetrating heat increases blood flow which is especially good for helping heal back aches, muscle soreness, arthritis pains, etc.
  • Since muscles and aches and even tensions are reduced, the electric mattress pad promotes a better night’s sleep.
  • Both electric blankets and electric mattress pads can save you tons of money in home heating costs. In fact, either can either pay for itself in one season with energy savings from turning down your furnace thermostat. However since the heat from an electric mattress pad is contained on the bottom by the mattress and contained on the top by the top sheet and top covers, it will save you even more money. In fact, most users in this country will spend only 2 to 3 cents per night running an electric mattress pad.
  • Warming Mattress Pads are much warmer for those people whose modern-day Warming Blankets aren't hot enough. The reason they are so much warmer is that the heat is retained better as explained in the energy savings paragraph above.

Answers to some other questions we get -- heated mattress pads are:

  • Offered in many price ranges for all budgets.
  • Available with dual controls for individualized comfort.
  • Fully machine-washable and some are machine-dryable.
  • Normally UL listed.
  • Safe for use by most people with pacemakers.
  • Not safe for small children, many diabetics and pregnant women (same as an electric blanket).
  • Are guaranteed for 5 years normally.
  • Obtainable in waterproof versions.







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