SoftHeat® Electric Blankets and Mattress Pads Allow Extension Cords

If you keep a few simple safety tips in mind, you can use an extension cord or power strip with your SoftHeat electric blanket and still have complete peace of mind. Many SoftHeat customers love the dual controls of their heated blankets, but sometimes find that having to plug two cords into the wall is inconvenient, especially in homes that never seem to have enough wall outlets. You can solve this problem by plugging both of your controllers into a multiple-outlet extension cord or power strip.

Extension Cord Safety Tips

  • Your SoftHeat controllers have 3-prong plugs, so use only a 3-prong extension cord or power strip with your heated blanket.
  • Extension cords can overheat and cause fires IF they are overloaded. So be sure to use an extension cord or power strip that is rated for more than the maximum current you will be running through it. (See our easy tips on how to do this below.)
  • Don't overload the wall outlet by running more devices on the power strip than the circuit can handle. Typical household wall outlets are on 15 amp fuses or circuit breakers.
  • Use the shortest extension cord you can find that will reach the wall outlet from your electric blanket controllers.
  • Be sure to run the extension cord under your bed or behind other furniture so that it does not present a tripping hazard to you or your visitors.
  • If you have dogs or cats, train them to never chew on electrical cords.
  • Never use an extension cord that is badly worn or has exposed wires.

Choosing a Proper Extension Cord or Power Strip

  1. Assure your cord or strip is UL-listed (look for the UL mark on it).
  2. Add the amps (from the rating plates) of all the high powered devices you wish to plug into this cord or strip. The highest powered SoftHeat blankets will use less than 3 amps even with both sides on HI.
  3. If the amps are not shown, the wattage will be. To derive the amps, simply divide those watts by 110.
  4. Then as noted above, make sure your total amps are less than the rating on the extension cord.

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