Cats and Dogs and Electric Blankets in My Bed!

Pets with an Electric Blanket Can Be Dangerous

Someone wrote us: "If you turn on an electric blanket, a cat will jump into bed at the sUsing Electric Blankets with Petspeed of light".

An American Pet Products Association survey states that almost half of all dogs and an even higher percentage of cats sleep with their owners. Despite how much pets like heated blankets and mattress pads, all the manufacturers and safety agencies recommend NOT using them with pets. The reasoning is that a pet’s claws could damage the heater wire insulation which would effectively bare it. This could be dangerous both for your pet and also for you, especially if the bare part of the wire should become wet either by their “accident” or from your drink spill.

Minimizing the Danger

Nevertheless many people tell us that they are going to sleep with their pets anyway. Then they ask for our advice on how to minimize the danger of using their heated blanket or heated mattress pad. We tell them to be very careful and examine their warming product frequently for damage. We also advise that the SoftHeat Low Voltage line of heating bedding products converts the potentially dangerous 120VAC wall electricity to electrically safe 16 or 18VDC within the heating blanket or heating mattress pad. This low voltage is considered by UL (Underwriters Laboratories Safety Agency) to be non-hazardous (i.e. shockproof) for you and your pet.

If you are going to sleep with your pet, the SoftHeat Low Voltage electric blanket or mattress pad products would be the ones to use.


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