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The Electric Blanket Institute’s Consumer Guide goal is to be a one-stop source of information on heated blankets and heated mattress pads. You can learn about Heated Blankets and Heated Mattress Pads -- safety, health benefits, energy usage, product quality and features, as well as read product reviews and comparison ratings. Then you can even find out which retailers carry which brands.

The non-profit Electric Blanket Institute™ was founded by retired industry veterans who are still passionate about the benefits of heated bedding. The professionals at the non-profit Electric Blanket Institute™ have been examining electric blankets and mattress pads for decades. They are dedicated to providing comprehensive information that will help you select the product that is right for you, whichever that is. Richard Zimmerer - Author of Consumer Guide to Electric Blankets

The primary author of the Consumer Guide to Electric Bedding™ is Richard Zimmerer. Until his retirement, Zimmerer was a Product Manager for electric blankets, electric mattress pads and related items. His background includes responsible Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality Assurance positions in both the textile and the appliance industries (General Electric Appliances, Litton Industries, Amana Kitchen Appliances, Hanes Underwear and Champion Sportswear). He holds several electric bedding patents and for over 10 years was intimately involved in the design, safety, manufacturing and marketing of these products, including being a member of UL's Standards Committee for Electric Bedding.

To his dismay and frustration, Zimmerer noticed that much of the heated bedding information available to consumers contained errors, sometimes serious ones, because the non-technical writers apparently gathered their "facts" from out-of-date or non-expert sources. Upon retirement, having the knowledge and the time to explain these products accurately, he joined with the Electric Blanket Institute and headed up writing the Consumer Guide for them.

The Consumer Guide presents information only on products we’ve analyzed. We are not compensated for providing favorable or unfavorable opinions. For more information, please visit our Policy page.

We can no longer answer consumer questions. You should use the search box located on every page or look through the FAQ's section to find information on your specific topic. For INFORMATION SPECIFIC TO A PARTICULAR BRAND, you should contact the appropriate manufacturer’s customer service department. Manufacturers maintain websites describing their automatic bedding in detail. Some websites have extensive FAQ sections and even User Manuals in which you may learn about their products’ specific features, care instructions, safety recommendations, etc. Get addresses and phone numbers for the major producers at our Manufacturer Contact Information page.

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Choosing the Best Electric Bedding For YOU

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