Heated Mattress Pads Reduce Mites and Allergies

Seeking relief from allergies due to dust mites? New research from around the world shows that heated mattress pads or heated blankets will greatly reduce your bed mite infestations.

Your Allergist has probably given you many tips about reducing the number of household mites including reducing air infiltration, using air conditioning, washing bedding, etc. Possibly he or she recommended an electric blanket or an electric mattress pad as another means of control.

The Electric Blanket Institute is sometimes asked how electric bedding can control dust mites. It’s because dust mites love humidity and electric mattress pads or electric blankets radically lower that humidity. See our references to scientific research studies regarding dust mite reduction due to the use of electric bedding at the bottom of this article.

Quantitatively, studies have shown that using an electric blanket or heated mattress pad for one month reduces the number of mites by about 50%. Obviously a reduction of 50% will not solve all the problems but it certainly will help and then you can enjoy the many other benefits of heated bedding as well, such as: 

  • Household heating cost savings (can pay for itself in less than one season).
  • Sleeping better due to a cooler room.
  • Individual comfort when two people share the same bed.
  • Relief from arthritis pains due to gentle all night heat.
  • Comfort from not having piles of heavy blankets or quilts weighing down on you.
  • Avoiding that freezing feeling when getting into an icy bed (just use preheat).
  • Back pain and muscle soreness reduction due to soothing all night heating. 

To further help you with dust mite control, you should know that the modern electric blankets and mattress pads sold in the USA today are all machine washable and some are machine dryable without any shrinkage. Modern heated mattress pads and heated blankets sold in this country are quite safe too.

One last point: You don’t even have to keep electric bedding ON each night when the weather gets warm at night. Simply set it on HI for a few hours each month and that humidity reduction will kill many of the mites near the mattress surface.


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