Electric Blanket with Timer for ON and OFF

There are no more electric blankets or mattress pads in the United States that can be turned on or off at a certain time with their controllers. UL (the safety agency Underwriters Laboratories) thinks that it’s a bad idea for heated bedding to turn itself on when unattended.

However if you really want your bedding to turn on by itself at a certain time, you could use an appliance or lamp timer with some of today's electric blankets and mattress pads. You will need to find a product with a controller that has a “mechanical” switch such as the Biddeford control pictured below. Both heated blankets and heated mattress pads are available with this particular mechanically switched controlElectric Blanket with ON and OFF Timer.                        

Biddeford makes many heated bedding products. You must find a mattress pad or a blanket with a controller that looks like this photo by looking at the package. Controllers are always pictured on electric blanket packages. None of their other controllers will work with an appliance timer. Simply leave the controller in the ON position and let the appliance timer do the work.

I must warn you that these are very basic (called opening price point) products but their heating technology is quite safe.

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