Electric Blanket Easy Care - Award Winner [Editor's Choice]

Although we don’t receive many requests for information about caring for electric blankets or electric mattress pads, ease of laundering and storage should be considered especially by those who might find it difficult.

blanket washingWashing and Drying Heated Blankets and Heated Mattress Pads

Every electric blanket and mattress pad sold by the major manufacturers in the United States allows machine washing and drying of their products to one extent or the other. The purpose of this article is to show which ones require the least effort and time to do so.


Machine Washing Recommendations from each Manufacturer's User Manual for their Heated Blankets and their Heated Mattress Pads

Step Biddeford SoftHeat Sunbeam RestWarmer
Pre-Soak 5 min. Warm 5 min. Warm 15 min. Lukewarm 10 min. Cold
Wash 2 min. Slow 2 min. Gentle 2 min. Gentle 2 min. Slow
Bleach Never Never Never Never
Rinse 1 min. Cool 1 min. Cool Lukewarm 1 min. Cool
Spin Yes on Normal Yes Yes Yes
Stretch to Size Not Necessary Not Necessary Yes Yes


Machine Drying Recommendations from each Manufacturer's User Manual for their Heated Blankets and their Heated Mattress Pads

Step Biddeford SoftHeat Sunbeam RestWarmer
Pre-Heat Dryer No No 2 min. on Low No
Dry 5 min. on High Until dry on Low 10 min. on Low 5 min. on Low
Stretch to Size Yes Not Necessary Yes Yes
Finish Drying Air Dry Dryer Complete Air Dry Air Dry
Use Wet Never Never Never Never
Iron Never Never Never Never


Since they can be taken directly from the dryer to the bed, we rate the SoftHeat Electric Blankets and Mattress Pads the Easiest to Care For.

Storing Electric Blankets for the Summer

You can keep your heated blanket on your bed all year around if you like. However if you want to store it away for the summer, to extend its life you should follow the directions in your User Manual or see our helpful and complete guide.


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Choosing the Best Electric Bedding For YOU

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