Cheap Heated Electric Blanket

Reasons to Buy a Low Cost Heated Blanket

Do you have a good reason for wanting one of the low-price heated electric blankets? From time to time we hear I want a good cheap electric blanket because:

  • It’s for camping.
  • I need it for only one season.
  • I want to save on my heating bill but don’t have much money.
  • I just like a deal.
  • They’re all basically alike. I just want to keep warm.
  • Doesn’t matter what it looks like as it’ll be under a bedspread anyway.
  • It’s for a guest room and will be used only once or twice per year.

A Caution about Cheap Electric Blankets

First of all, a caution: Be very hesitant to buy a used electric blanket, especially without an extremely thorough inspection. It could be unsafe to use.

How To Find a Low Priced Warming Blanket

As is common with so many seasonal items, heating blanket prices, especially the loss-leader ultra-basic ones, vary from week to week. You will have to look around. Look for the Sunbeam and Biddeford products -- they sell under many different brand names but you can see a list of their brands and which stores are selling them at our Retailers page.

But you don’t have to drive all over town! You can shop from your computer at web stores and have your choice delivered to your doorstep. Most web stores offer free shipping on electric blankets and their merchant service provider will guarantee secured credit card information. You can see a list of retailers selling warming blankets from each major manufacturer at our Retailers page.

What You Will Get with a Cheap Electric Blanket

Be aware that when you purchase the cheapest electric blanket, you will get:

  • Inferior fabric that may well be scratchy and rough.
  • Lint on your clothes and furniture due to pilling and shedding even after several washings.
  • Fewer performance features although you will of course have an ON-OFF switch and a heat adjustment.
  • Still you will get a multi-year (typically five years) guarantee against design and workmanship errors.

Reduced Energy Costs with All Electric Blankets

And remember that whatever you pay (low end or high end) for your new heated blanket, you will save the purchase price many times over in reduced energy costs. Even the fully featured luxury models will pay themselves in just a few months.

Choosing the Best Electric Bedding For YOU

1. Before You Buy – A MUST Review: the Lead Page of the Buyer's Guide offering:

  1. Major considerations before your purchase; and,
  2. Links to all of our Reviews and Ratings sections

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