Stores Selling Electric Blankets
Listed by Brand

The Electric Blanket Institute™ presents a list of retailers that sell each individual brand of heated electric blankets. Though merchants sometimes vary the brands they carry from season to season, we try hard to keep this list up to date. Most of these electric blanket retailer links also list heated throws (aka "throw blankets").

Where You Can Buy Each Major Brand of Electric Blanket This Season


Biddeford Heated Blankets including their Cannon, Sealy and Delightful Nights brands.

SoftHeat Low Voltage Heated Blankets including their Serta and Perfect Fit brands.

Sunbeam Heated Blankets including their Slumber Rest, Therapedic and Imperial brands.


WestPoint Stevens Heated Blankets including their Martex Raschel, RestWarmer and Patrician brands. These brands are no longer being produced!

Major Brands

Most people are surprised to learn that only three companies produce almost every heated blanket sold in the United States. WestPoint has now stopped making warming blankets. Each of the producers sells under several different brands, fabrics and sometimes controller shapes or features. However, each manufacturer's heating technology is the same across each of the products it produces.




Choosing the Best Electric Bedding For YOU

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