Best Heated Electric Bedding Overall – Editor’s Choice Award

We get asked constantly which is our favorite heated bedding. Our personal favorites are based partly on objective comparison testing and partly on subjective likes and dislikes. (Incidentally, those of us providing recommendations are an independent group of retired industry experts who receive no compensation or support from any of the manufacturers.)

When we are not sleep-testing other brands of warming bedding, we prefer to use the SoftHeat™ Low Voltage Heated Mattress Pads. Here’s why:


  • We find them to be the safest, far and away with their shockproof low voltage, great overheat protection and zero AC EMF’s. Read the details about their safety in this article.


  • We like their fabrics for softness, non-pilling and durability as well.
  • Their heater wires are much smaller and more flexible than all others which affects both softness and comfort.
  • They are smart enough to have designed the wire connector to be OFF the heating surface (on the skirt) for further comfort and they have located it at the HEAD end of the pad to avoid wires running under the length of the bed.
  • Their all-over even-heating is great. Read our article on heated pad comfort.


  • Their electronics’ durability seems to be better than the others.


  • Their ease of care (machine washable and the only ones that are completely dryable).
  • Their easy-to-use controller with its automatic pre-heat and lamp dimming.

They cost a little more than some others but in our opinions, are well worth it and will provide you the best value in heated bedding today. If you are unfamiliar with them, read our reviews in the Buyers Guide.

They make several lines of pads. The heating technology in all of them is identical. The differences are solely in the top fabrics. If you would like to see ALL of their
pads in one place rather than skipping around from site to site, one of our affiliates, Above & Beyond Bedding, is a reputable online retailer that gives unusually thorough descriptions and lots of photos. See the pads and read the descriptions at:

Above & Beyond Carries ALL MODELS
of the Award Winning
Heated Blankets and
Mattress Pads from
SoftHeat Low Voltage

UL Says: SoftHeat's
Safe & Warm TM
technology uses
"Non-Hazardous Class
2 Low Voltage"

Choosing the Best Electric Bedding For YOU

1. Before You Buy – A MUST Review: the Lead Page of the Buyer's Guide offering:

  1. Major considerations before your purchase; and,
  2. Links to all of our Reviews and Ratings sections

2. Ready to Buy? If you want to see a list of retailers carrying each of the major brands of Heated MATTRESS PADS this year, click Heated Mattress Pad Retailers OR for Heated BLANKETS, click Stores Selling Electric Blankets.

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