10 Hour Auto-Off Feature

Every model of electric mattress pad or blanket in today’s USA market has an auto-off feature for safety and energy conservation in case one forgets to turn the
product off in the morning. Almost all are fixed at 10 hours.

One way to increase the 10 hour time is to switch the control to OFF and then back to ON when you actually go to bed (after your preheating period). This will re-start the 10 hour timer. (However, note that if your product has a pre-heat feature that automatically activates when you turn the product on, this re-start action will also re-activate the pre-heat which may make your bed too hot for you.)

Sunbeam makes many different controls for their products and they have two or three which need to be mentioned here. First, the control included with their
top-of-the-line products has a switch which allows the user to toggle the auto-off feature to ON or OFF. Second, some of their controls (e.g. “DesignSmart” and
“ChoiceTouch”) feature a selection of auto-off times such as 2, 6, and 10 hours. Your best bet to find where a product with either of these controls is being sold at
any particular time would be to contact Sunbeam Customer Service and ask them directly. You can find Sunbeam’s email and phone contact information on our Manufacturer Contact Information page.

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